Curriculum Vita

 John H. Parker, Ph.D., M.A., M.A.R.John H. Parker


Contact Address:                                                   Home Address:

Lipscomb University                                                                   829 Glen Leven Drive

One University Drive                                                                   Nashville, TN 37204

Nashville, TN 37204                                                                   (615) 373-4462

(615) 966-5802                                                                  


Freed-Hardeman University

  • A.A., 1966
  • Summa cum laude (ranked first in class)
  • Faculty award for leadership and scholarship
  • Editor of yearbook

Lipscomb University

  • B.A., 1968
  • Summa cum laude (salutatorian)
  • Goodpasture Bible award
  • Co-editor of yearbook

Harding Graduate School of Religion

  • Master of Arts in Religion (emphasis in New Testament) 1981

The University of Tennessee

  • M.A. in English 1969
  • Ph.D. in English 1978

Vanderbilt University

  • Graduate school in English 1973-74

Ministry experience-1972 to present

Elder, Granny White Church of Christ, Nashville, Tennessee,  2000-present

Interim pulpit minister of Crittenden Drive Church of Christ, Russellville, KY, 2012

Interim pulpit minister of Fairview, Tennessee, Church of Christ 2009

Interim pulpit minister of South Harpeth Church of Christ, Nashville, Tennessee, 2007

Interim pulpit minister of Sycamore Church of Christ, Cookeville, Tennessee, 2003

Interim pulpit minister of Jefferson Avenue Church of Christ, Cookeville, Tennessee, 2000-2001

Interim pulpit minister of Berry’s Chapel Church of Christ, Franklin, Tennessee, 2000

Interim pulpit minister of Mt Juliet, Tennessee, Church of Christ, 1999

Interim pulpit minister of the Bellevue church of Christ 1993-94, 2000, 2002

Instructor  of Bible courses at Freed-Hardeman College and Lipscomb University in given years,  c. 1971-present

Training in the Interim Ministry Network, one-week sessions in 1998 and 1999

Education minister of the Bellevue church of Christ 1986- c. 1990

Pulpit minister of the Scottsboro, Tennessee,  church of Christ 1983-85

Pulpit minister of the Westport, Tennessee,  church of Christ 1977-82

Pulpit minister of the Bargerton , Tennessee,  church of Christ c. 1972-74

Academic Positions and Activities

Freed-Hardeman University 1969-82

  • Teaching English, Bible
  • Chair of the Department of Languages and Literature 1981-82
  • Chair  of steering committee for institutional self-study

Lipscomb University 1982-present

  • Professor of English
  • Teaching Bible courses
  • Director of institutional self-study
  • Faculty Study Abroad: Vienna 2001, 2005; London 2006
  • Editor of faculty newsletter
  • Advisor of university yearbook
  • Advisor of university newspaper
  • Coach of high school rifle team

Professional Activities and Organizations

  • Sabbatical: 2002, research and writing on religious themes in Shakespeare including one-month  period Cotswolds, England
  • Summer Grant: Cambridge University, Shakespeare Summer School, 2004
  • Summer Grant: travel to sites of great British hymns, 2007
  • President, Tennessee Philological Association, 2005
  • Workshop for high school teachers of Shakespeare, Freed-Hardeman University, 2005
  • Sabbatical: 2009,  project on  development of video on relevance of Shakespeare to Christian high school students

Major Publications and Manuscripts


  • “James Howell Street,” Lives of Mississippi Authors, Oxford: University Press of Mississippi, 1981
  • “The Gospel According to  Shakespeare” :  Book-length manuscript written under a grant from Lipscomb University, Summer 2002
  • Abide with Me: A Photographic Journey Though Great British Hymns. Green Forest, Arkansas: New Leaf Press, 2009.

   Religious (books and book-length manuscripts)

  • The Gospel Advocate Quarterly, Foundations, Fall 1991-Summer 1992
  • The Twentieth-Century Christian Quarterly, Adult Bible Quarterly, Spring 1993
  • Bound and Loosed: Fundamentals of the Christian System. Hester Publications, 2004. Original manuscript published in Russian,  Greek,  Bulgarian, and Albanian languages
  • Class book on difficult religious questions written to accompany a video series by Steve Flatt, minister of the Madison church.
  • Manuscript:  series of  lessons on stewardship
  • Manuscript:  Bible correspondence course; accessible world-wide on internet
  • Gospel Advocate book Companion to accompany quarterly (2000-2001)

Religious (articles)

  •  “Conversion of the Eunuch,” Spiritual Sword, April, 1976.
  • “Absaloms in the Church,” Gospel Advocate, July 15, 1976; Spiritual Sword, July 1, 1980.
  • “The Living Message of Third John,” in The Living Messages of the New Testament (first annual Spiritual Sword Lectureship), 1976.
  • “Conversions in Corinth,” Gospel Advocate, April 26, 1979.
  • “Parents Should Love God’s Word and Study It Before Their Children,” Spiritual Sword, July, 1984
  •  “Do We Have Anything to Say?” Gospel Advocate, May 1, 1986.
    • “What Teachers Owe Students and Parents,” Gospel Advocate, August 1, 1991.
    • “I’ll See You Over There,” Gospel Advocate, September 1, 1993.
    • “Understanding the Phrase ‘Church of Christ,’” Gospel Advocate, September 1996
  • “How Do Angels Minister to Believers?” Gospel Advocate, August 1997
  •  “Interim Ministry,” Annual Lectureship book. Freed-Hardeman University, 2001.


Currently in production: the first in a series of videos on the connection of Shakespeare and Christian high school students. With Dr. Mike Fernandez, Director of Theater, Lipscomb University, and Russ Sturgeon of Russ Sturgeon Video Production in Nashville, Tennessee.

Further, a video series of famous American Author’s Homes, entitled The Bustle in the House–American Writers in their Homes is underway in cooperation with Russ Sturgeon of Russ Sturgeon Video Production in Nashville, Tennessee.


BIBLE VOYAGE, a computer Bible knowledge game; revised and expanded by Lipscomb University students for senior project, 2004


  • Dr. Matthew Hearn

Chair, Department of English

Lipscomb University  (615) 966-1000

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  • Elders of the Granny White church of Christ

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Mr. Lewis Moorer

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Dr. Roger Davis

Dean of the College of Pharmacy

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  • Elders of the Fairview Church of Christ

P.O. Box 899

2001 Fairview Blvd.

Fairview, Tennessee 37062

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Contact Jimmy Hatcher

7115 Wallace Road

Fairview, Tennessee 37062

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  • Born February 23, 1946, at Jackson, Tennessee


  • Wife: Jill Roberson Parker, Ph.D.

Jill is adjunct professor of chemistry at Lipscomb University.  She and her  parents, Mr. and Mrs. Emmett H. Roberson (deceased) , were formerly members  of the Granny White Church of Christ.  Mr. and Mrs. Roberson each served on the Board of Directors of Lipscomb University.

  • Children:

John Robert, Ph.D.  (b. 1978) ; married to Bria Baker 2004

Sharon Elizabeth (b. 1981)

  • Parents:Mr. and Mrs. Howard D. Parker (deceased)

Howard Parker  was a minister of the gospel for over fifty years,  preaching especially in Tennessee and Virginia.

Hobbies, interests, and activities

  • Target shooting , hunting,  fly-fishing,  horses,  dogs