Redondo Church of Christ

Redondo Church of Christ

Columbia Avenue, Columbia, KY, January-April 2014

Redondo Church of Christ, Redondo Beach, CA, May 4, 2014

Granny White Church of Christ, Nashville, TN, July 13, 2014

Cleveland Church of Christ, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA, August 31, 2014

COMPLETION OF INTERIM MINISTRY on July 15, 2012 for the Crittenden Drive Church of Christ in Russellville, Kentucky

The Parkers are grateful for the experience of working with the fine Christians in this church. We especially admire their love for others and ability to include all ages and types of people in their ministry.  This loving and cohesive group is ably led by these fine elders: Frank Dockins, Russell Jones, Jim Riley, Charlie Roney, and Rob Sindorf.  We are pleased for that congregation that Dale and Angie Paisley began their work on July 22. We applaud the teachings and fine efforts of this loyal church and are thankful for the new friendships that we now have.

BIRTH OF FIRST GRANDCHILD, IAN BENJAMIN PARKER,  February 14, 2013, to Dr. Robert and Bria Parker of Alexandria, VA. Proud grandparents are John and Jill Parker of Nashvhile, TN, and Ben and Kathy Baker of Gladwin, MI.